She was THE ONLY HEDGEHOG I have had that NEVER raised a quill. Loved sunbathing belly-up in my hands under the shade of trees and the sound of water fountains.  I could pet her from her chin to her toes while she relaxed.  Sweet little cheeks to stroke and well used foot pads to massage.  100% lovable.  Liked to wheel and wander around her cage.  Didn’t like to venture out in a huge ball or independently on my secure runway.  Very tolerant to allow me to clean up and provide fresh water and food and give her a bath.  Moved kiblets around to locate her favorite varlet.  She was raised on New Balance Kitten to Adult and wasn’t swayed into changing her diet – no matter how hard I tried to convert her.  Not even a meal worm could win her over.  No clicking, huffing, popping.  Just sniffing and checking out what was going on.  Loved her hedgie bags and room mates in my home.  Visits to the elderly by a senior hedgehog were welcomed by all parties.  Traveled with me and my other hedgehogs without any transitional problems.  She will be greatly missed but I know she must have been met by Hector Sonic, Kelly Girl, Petrov and Spike Mon Herisson as she ran onto the Rainbow Bridge on April 29, 2013.

Always loved by Diane