Thank you Bailee.  It was time.  You let us know that walking was difficult and painful but you still wanted to come for walks.  Your courage will never be forgotten.  We heard your cries for help and made the decision to send you to be with Bernie, Badger, and Hannah.  We were grateful for the 10 years of tremendous love you shared with us.  When we got you, after you had almost died from pneumonia, you slowly recovered.  Your wagging tail was the way you smiled and you wagged it feverishly often and till the very last day.  There will not be a single day that goes by without feeling the emptiness in our hearts, but we know you are in a better place, running with your friends.  We will see you again soon and look forward to hugging you tightly again and scratching your favorite spot on your head.  Until we see each other again.  Jim and Suanne