I recently lost my very best friend Gunner and am still having a hard time coming to grips that he’s gone.  Gunner came into my life as a foster dog in 2008.  He was emaciated and wounded to the point that his prior owner was arrested for animal abuse.  Gunner had been hit in the head with a bat and shot in the hip with an air rifle.  He was never taken to the vet for these injuries.  When we first got him, Gunner could not walk on his own so I carried him to some water.  He drank some and prceeded to walk into my back yard and tried to dig himself a hole.  This poor guy wanted to die.  I convinced him he was going to be alright and he could trust me.  I was not going to let anybody hurt him again.  After lots of TLC Gunner began to gain weight since he only weighed 72 pounds and was 28 1/2 inches tall when he arrived.  When Gunner passed on July 10th, he weighed 148 pounds and was healthy as a Big Ol’ Grizzly bear.  He suffered from various neurological and psychological problems from his past life but we dealt with those issues together.  Gunner your little furry family Kasey and Boo Kitty miss you as much as mom and I do.  Rest in Peace my gentle giant and I will see you again at the Rainbow Bridge. I am sitting here crying and don’t want to say goodbye.  Please remember you are loved!!  Dad, Mom, Grandma, Boo Kitty and Kasey.