Dear Harley,  We feel empty inside since you left us.   It was a tough decision but we know it was the right decision because you gave us that look that you had enough.  We just wanted to let you know how special you were.  From the moment we saw you at 4 months of age we were already in love with you.  Being a Border Collie, you picked everything up so quickly – where to go potty, how to climb stairs, where you left your favorite toy etc.  You were so smart that you even knew when we ordered pizza for delivery you would watch for the pizza man for us.  Having you in our lives made us happier and more active – we had a lot of fun taking you to Doctor’s Park to play Frisbee or Friess Lake for swimming.  We are so happy we have video of all those good times to remind us of how much joy you brought to our lives.  Because we did so much with you, we became very close to you and you knew when we needed comforting and we loved it when you would lick our tears because it made us feel so much better.  We are so grateful for the 16 years of love and joy you have brought us and we know there will never be another dog like you.  We will see you again someday.  Miss you so much Harley!


Your parents, Mike and Kris