JMS Wisconsin Misty Morning was your official name but you will always be known as Misty, Misty Girl or Minnie.  Not everyone is lucky to get a dog like you, you were a once in a lifetime dog.  You were a great companion, hunter and all the trophies you won in trialing.  Once you learned the NSTRA and NAVHDA games, there was no stopping you, when you got in the field, the only thing on your mind was getting the birds before the other dog.  Other competitors did not like it when they had to compete against you, the way you glided through the field and following the scent of the quail.  When we pheasant hunted you were so tired but always wanted to go to the next field and did not like it when you were left with mom and I took another dog out.  We had a lot of great times with you through your 17 1/2 years of life, you were the queen of the house and the other dogs knew it.  You got your choice of the chair in which to sleep and at night if you wanted on the bed, they moved for you.  Misty you are greatly missed, there is a big void in our house without you even with the other dogs there to carry on.  We will meet you again at Rainbow Bridge, keep hunting until I get there.  Love mom and dad (Jim and Carole)