My beloved Riley….
Where to start to let you know that I love you so….
The first time I saw you at 8 weeks when you came walking out of the barn with a full tummy from getting into the food, or…
When you wanted to explore on your own (thank goodness you had the bell on so that we could hear you) I’m not sure who had the look of whew on their face of thank goodness I found you, or I knew where you were all the time. You are full of independence.
You took over my bed and pillow every night until you received your belly rub and then moved onto your bed.
You didn’t want to swim much, but wanted to learn how to fish (thank you Ghirardelli for teaching him)
Rolling in bad smelling stuff was your thing, and the stinkier the better.
Stealing fish from Ice fishermen was not a bad thing, but they worked really hard to make their catch.
Dad always said that he wanted to give you a knuckle sandwich (but he never struck you).
You were the best companion for Chance, and he misses you so.
Making the decision to relieve you of your pain did not come easy, and I want you to continue to run, roll and love until I meet you again.

Love Randy, Cheryl and Chance