Dear Ruffis, It has been 2 months and it seems forever.  I still cry and my heart still hurts.  You were a canine hero in my eyes.  You were absolutely 100% trustworthy and I know that doesn’t happen often.  We resepcted each other enough to learn one another’s language and had a bond that no one could ever break.  You never needed a spanking or an unkind word.  You had the biggest human-like heart and only wanted to please me at all times…and you did.  Whoever said a dog was man’s best friend truly had you in mind.  You never stopped amazing me.  I was always so proud to take you everywhere.  You always made sure I was safe, I really miss that.  I miss everything about you..your sassy talk, your kind eyes, I miss lying next to you on the floor, I miss tummy time, I miss taking you to work, I miss our walks, I miss your bark, I miss you following me around the house like a stalker..didn’t think I’d miss that one so much but I DO!  I even miss your bad breath.  You and I went everywhere for 10 years so this isn’t easy for me either buddy but..I will see you again someday..until be a good boy and remember mama loves you sooo much.  You will never be forgotten nor replaced.  You are forever in my heart Ruffis and we will be together again someday.

Ruffis Rosbeck

01/27/02 – 06/08/12

P.S. Leave Gismo alone up know she doesn’t like you!