S B Schuett, 13, of Mayville, WI passed away peacefully on Thursday, May 22, 2014 surrounded by her loving family.  Shelby was born December 9, 2001 a female Black Labrador Retriever to dog parents Shadow and Benson.  She then came into the lives of the Schuett family in Mayville, where she resided during her life.  Shelby enjoyed the outdoors, along with her family.  Shelby’s favorite place to go was up north to the cabin, where there is an endless amount of fun, whether it was chasing chipmunks, walks, deer rides, playing in the snow, or just observing nature.  Her favorite summer past time up north was pontooning, where she got to swim and play on the sandbars.  She traveled to many places, and met a lot of people and dog friends throughout her long life.  She truly was one of a kind, and a member of the family, who will be deeply missed, but loved forever.