When you just that clumsy  little puppy with them big paws, I never thought ahead to all the changes life was going to bring: and that you would be at home waiting for me for the next 15 years through everything. Memories of you from years ago have resurfaced vividly.  You made me so happy through the years playing, sitting on the porch with you leaned up against me, wrestling, walking, and chasing squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, and birds.  As you grew older, and doing all those things became harder, you still came to me for affection, and even a little rough play.  Our times together in the last few years are just as special as when you were a pup, especially camping, fishing, and riding in the truck.  I miss talking to you when no one was around.  Wherever I go, I know you’ll always be walking ahead of me.  I’ll always love you girl.  You’ll always be with me.