Blooming Bio-Urns

Blooming Bio-Urns are 100% biodegradable memorial urns that are handcrafted utilizing old world paper making techniques. Blooming Bio-Urns are created from recycled materials making them an earth/eco-friendly “green” product created entirely in the U.S.A. Each urn comes with a Blooming Expression adornment which can be planted in a garden or special place where it will grow and bloom into 12 varieties of perennial wildflowers – blossoming year after year in honor of your beloved pet.

Available in 3 sizes, plus choose one of these adornments:

  • Bone
  • Paw
  • Heart

Small: Array - $25.00

Best for pets weighing 32 pounds or less.

Medium: Array - $32.00

Best for pets weighing 65 pounds or less.

Large: Array - $38.00

Best for pets weighing 95 pounds or less.