Tribute Blanket

Our woven (not printed) blanket is the gift that will last a lifetime and provides a loving tribute. The blanket is soft and helps loved ones cope with the loss of pet.

The blankets are:

  • 100% cotton jacquard woven masterpieces
  • a generous 54” x 70” with incredible detail, stunning colors
  • machine washable but wont’ shrink or fade
  • woven with over 8 miles of cotton in each throw

1. For best results, you should mail us your 4×6 or 5×7 photo.

2. If you have a high-resolution, digital photo, you may email it to us. High resolution means a large file — over a megabyte/MB — 1 MB is the same as 1000 KB. Anything less than 1000KB is probably not good enough to make into a blanket.

You can always call us and ask questions – we’re happy to help