• Jan 29, 2016
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  • Jun 12, 2020


It is common to hear the saying “Man’s best friend.” Its incredible that such a common saying describes something so extraordinarily uncommon. Truly compassionate, unending, and unconditional love is only experienced between a dog and their owner. For those who are lucky enough to have experienced it, this common saying means so much incredibly more than any other person can comprehend.
Its incredibly hard to convert a relationship into words, for no amount of words, even with the most poetic arrangement can hold a candle to Bella’s love.

For those who were blessed by her love, hold that love dearly. She cannot be replaced, nor ever forgotten. Bella was truly put on this earth to bring happiness to all she met, but most of all- to her owner Tom. She was His, He still, and always will be Hers. Their bond is undescribable, unattainable, and not affected in the slightest by her loss.

We are deeply saddened that this day has finally come. That now the time to grieve is a reality, for great grief is a truly just reaction to the loss we have to suffer today. But, as through the grief, and unrest Her perfect love will be the aspect that will shine through. It is my hope that in between the tears that many will shed today for this terrible loss, a smile can break through in memory of the good times, just like the smile that broke over Bella’s face every time she saw someone she loved.

We are going to miss you Bella, thanks for being the best dang dog a man could ever ask for and more.

You are never forgotten. Never.