God had a plan. Somehow Petrov was meant to be with me in his last year of life.  A small,charming adult hedgehog blinded by cataracts and all but his molars missing.  He grew old gracefully and enjoyed the protections of his igloo while he was in his tank.  His furry little ears would perk up as I approached and removed the lid to his tank.  He recognized the sound of my voice and the scent of my hand reaching down to meet him.  His sweet face looking up to greet me.  Such a little could I resist.  He was always very content to come out for a visit.  I will long remember what a pleasure it was to stroke his little neck and chin, give him a bath, get him a minicure and cuddle together.  He died peacefully in my arms without pain.  I thank God for the time we had together.  What a blessing to share such a precious gift of friendship.  Dianne K.